Brighten Up Any Room With a Customizable Wall Lamp

An Innovative Lamp and Artwork in One

Delyght is the first lamp that allows you to customize to your own style, It creates an atmosphere that can truly make any room or space stand out.

Finally, a Lamp That Fits Your Aesthetic

Choose from different surface materials to set your lamp's'frame,' such as old wood, pressed hay, metal, or stone. You can also upload a personal photo to highlight a special memory, making it an instant centerpiece that adds beauty to your home or office.

The ergonomic and stylish Delyght lamp is made from high-quality materials and designed to turn your space into a place where you can feel comfortable.


Now is the Time for Individualization

Interchangeable Surface

Simply replace the surfaces anytime to get a new look. Today, you can go for a wooden surface for a cozy atmosphere, tomorrow you can switch to a metal surface for a more industrial aesthetic. Also, because of the material’s natural texture and color, no two products are the same. You get a truly unique lamp that nobody else has.

Slide-In Module

This feature is what makes delyght a wonderful piece of art. Our backlit, slide-in module allows you to put any image you want—you can make your own print or have a personal photo displayed—making the lamp the standout piece in any room. Overall, delyght combines modern design with modular technology and enables you to maximize individuality, from the choice of materials to the design of the slide-in module.


Pressed Hay

Enjoy the natural surface! A mix of alpine-hay, cornflower petals blue and lavender. Slightly fragrant.

Old Wood

Original wood from old houses or barns, lovingly restored, unique and rustic.


Each slate has its own wonderful and unique look. Hand-cut slate with rough surfaces and broken edges.


Unique copper or brass plates, oxidized, brushed and polished by hand.

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